Fama, abbreviation of "Farmer + Market", is a communication application that helps manage mobile commerce on mobile phones.

Who should use Fama?

Fama is used for individuals or organizations with commercial activities and to those who needs a communication tool to manage their trade activities. Fama also provides high quality agricultural products in linking trade of agriculture.

All is free

Fama uses the internet connection of the phone (3G, 4G, EDGE or Wifi) to send messages. Hence, there is no fee charging for users like SMS using. You do not have to pay any fee for Fama.


You can send multimedia messages such as images, sounds, locations, emoji, videos... via Fama.

Commercial Operations Management

Commercial activities can be managed by the commercial process system on Fama. Fama helps connecting sellers and buyers with third parties such as shipping providers or banks. Moreover, the application also provides management tools to manage all tasks to do by partners, co-operators and organizations, etc.

Quality agricultural produce market

Fama is connected with high quality agricultural suppliers (based on national or global standards). If you are a good quality farmer, you can create a stall on Fama. Vice versa, if you are a buyer, you can also look for leading agricultural suppliers here.


We respect and value your privacy and will never let third parties access to your data.
We always make our efforts to work and develop a better and better FAMA to make our commercial messaging applications more and more effective day by day. Try FAMA today and tell us your needs!
Email: support@famaapp.io